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2011-08-05 22:44:32 by wowpwner09

dick fuck ass cunt


one year ago today

2011-04-30 02:27:34 by wowpwner09

i made a promise id make a pico day cartoon. but i didnt. alot of shit happened to my computer and basically everything went byebye.

P.S. Fuck your family.

guess what i did last night

2011-04-28 21:26:56 by wowpwner09


Good voice actors?

2011-01-20 13:31:02 by wowpwner09

I've been thinking of making a zombie animation series, but if i want it to be good, i cant vocie act it myself. i dont have a super duper awesome expensive good quality microphone. but another thing is, i dont want to voice act it anyway because i live with people, and i cant be yelling into my microphone at 3 in the morning waking everyone up. and my mom already thinks im weird. SO- if you have a super-duper-awesome-high-tech-epensive -good-quality microphone, and you live with no one, then i suggest you take part of this project. Ive been thinking of putting alot of time in this, like YEARS of time, so this turns out good. so heres a list of what i might need--

a couple of voice actors
music composer (good with different types of genres for ex, metal, techno, epic classical thingys like in movies n shit, etc)
a few helping artists (backgrounds, effects, etc)

and thats pretty much it. if you want to take part of this, you really need alot of patience. i know all my submissions are shitty, but i dont put effort in them. ive picked up some skills since then. This will take a very long time since i have tons of other projects on my mind, for example, Stick Smash 2, Stick Smash arena, Sticks Gone Stupid 5, and t3h m3m3 @rt c0ll@b w/ superkusokao and sawbonez. PM me if ur interested in this project! (art collab is still open, and we havent started of course. ive been thinking of changing the subject.)

Stick Figure Stress Relief

2011-01-16 00:20:14 by wowpwner09

go rate 5 u guys :D

it was a good christmas.

2010-12-28 21:14:15 by wowpwner09

i got shitloads of shit this year. i wouldnt consider them shit though. except for something that looks like that game at cracker barrel that makes your brain explode. ANYWAY- heres a list of things i got that made me shit my pants when i got it. by the way, did i mention shit?

-xbox 360 w/ kinect
(came with kinect adventures)
-banana costume (i actually cried when i got it because it was the best gift ever :D)
-tablet (now i have to work on the art collab more :C)
-assassins creed II (dont have the first so no idea why)
-Halo: Reach
-Halo megablocks set (FUCK YEAH)
-prince of persia lego set (FUCK NO)
-star wars lego set (HOLY FUCKING SHIT YES)
-3 percy jackson books (FUCK YES)
-gullivers travels (at least the movie has jack black in it)
-glow dome (i drew penises like crazy on it, lol)
-cardboard (wtf?)
-green pster board (thats what the cardboards for i guess)
-tripod (mix the last three together for a film :D)
-chicken poop (put it on my lips)
-a shirt that says "trust me im a ninja" (win)
-world of warcraft gamecard (dont play it anymore :P

and i bought myself a TB extension for my computer. damn, i got alot. good bye economy...

Collab, anyone?

2010-12-01 17:04:10 by wowpwner09

sup gais and gays. Me and some of my friends are startin an art collab. Teh Meme Art Collab, to be exact. all of this is NEVER BEFORE SEEN! You may know these two, and maybey you'd like to join us. If you want to do it with us (thats what she said) read the rules below

If you want to enter, PM one of us
The subject is meme
At least 10 pictures must be drawn.
I will handle music, button programming, etc.

Who we have so far-
Me :D

Their DA's have more art...

SuperKusoKao's DA
SawBonez's DA

We highly encourage you join, or else there will just be 30 pictures. By the time we have 10, nobody else can join coz were meanies >:C

In other news, Have you ever seen my youtube videos before? No? Then fuck you. anyway, i have a serious on there called "sticks gone stupid" and its fucking stupid. literally. anywho, i usually animatie it in a program called pivot, but for the 5th addition to the serious i'm animating it in flash so it will be on newgrounds. Thats all :/


2010-11-15 20:28:10 by wowpwner09

guess wat u guys! COTW IS OUT! go rate five on it peoples :D

gettin' close! i think

2010-10-02 00:47:18 by wowpwner09

my goal is to at least get at least around 300 more frames, then just go from there. in all my najor animations i go for at least 1000 frames so its not to short :) so yep. enjoy this other preview. took me a fucking hour to get that minigun drawn. have a nice day! :D

gettin' close! i think


2010-07-31 04:34:25 by wowpwner09

its official. the curse of the golden wrench WILL be posted, mabey about a month. due to addiction to tf2. and im also working on sticks gone stupid 5 a bit, but ill say mabey about a whole nuther year til that ocmes out. no bodys probably going to like it, but its prety fun animating it :D so dont expect it to be out soon.